Being Neglectful

I have no excuse–I take that back, I do. My reason for not blogging in months: business school and recruiting. I realize it’s going to be impossible to recap the last five months of my life in one single post so I’ve committed to giving steady updates along the way. But here is a summary: … Continue reading

Best Weekend Of My Life

Rarely do I post about my personal life when it has little to do with my MBA pursuits, but I had to this time… why? Because I just had the best weekend of my life. Thursday, May 30th – Dazed & Confused: The drive from Minneapolis was exhausting in anticipation of what was sure to … Continue reading

What Dreams Are Made Of

The Decision: I’ll be joining the Tuck School of Business Class of 2014 in the fall and couldn’t be happier! There it is friends – DREAM REALIZED. Hanover Here I Come: A sense of relief came over me about 4:30pm central time on March 6th. I had just got off the phone with my fiance, … Continue reading

Tuck Diversity Conference

I’m in love. What a weekend. Honestly one of the best weekends of 2011 hands down and I have to thank the Tuck School for putting on such a great event. If you don’t know what the Tuck Diversity Conference (or DivCo) is then you need to sift through the Tuck website and check it … Continue reading

The Waiting Game

Now that I have three applications submitted the waiting game is creeping up on me as well as the stressors of finishing other applications. Thankfully a really cool project I’ve been working on since January and working out has really helped me stay mildly sane. This week as well, my girlfriend started cranking out essays … Continue reading