Nostalgia Kicks In

Pressing Pause I had to stop myself in my tracks today. Amidst feverishly packing up all my stuff, and selling most of my possessions on Craigslist I stared at a Coffee Pot that should have had no meaning to me whatsoever. I’d just cleaned out half of my now barren kitchen and sold my couch … Continue reading

It’s Starting to Sink In

When I realized it was Really Going to Happen… The non-stop wave of e-mails from Tuck. I actually still pretty giddy when I get a new one. My bank account balance suddenly dropped by $2,500 when Dartmouth cashed my deposit check. I started getting e-mails to apply to pre-MBA prep programs. Recruiters contacting me to … Continue reading

Love, Loyalty and Tuck

When I announced my intent to join the Tuck Class of 2014 a month ago, I felt like a bubbly school girl. Since that time, I’ve been going back and forth a bit considering other options just to make sure I’m making the right choice. I absolutely love Tuck and everything about it – so … Continue reading

What Dreams Are Made Of

The Decision: I’ll be joining the Tuck School of Business Class of 2014 in the fall and couldn’t be happier! There it is friends – DREAM REALIZED. Hanover Here I Come: A sense of relief came over me about 4:30pm central time on March 6th. I had just got off the phone with my fiance, … Continue reading

An Alternate Reality

I just wrapped up what will likely be my final performance review. I was expecting with the icy relationship between myself and my supervisor things would not go so well… but I was actually pleasantly surprised. A bit of a back story: When I told my supervisor six months ago I was going back to … Continue reading