Emotional Day

Today was a long, trudge of a day. I had an early morning flight to Ithaca for my interview at Cornell and it would also be the day I would hear back from Wharton and Darden. I woke up around 430am to catch my 630am flight to Ithaca, NY… I would be connecting in my … Continue reading


Absolutely shocked, excited, elated. Jumping up and down for joy! Honestly I cannot believe I actually got in to Kellogg!!! Northwestern is a great school, consistently ranked in the Top Five and is a dream come true. Admittedly I had written off Kellogg, thinking that my lackluster interview would come back to haunt me, but … Continue reading

How I would have done things differently

Looking back on my MBA journey there are a handful of things I can say without a doubt I would have done differently, below is a shortened list of the Top 3 things: Due diligence on schools I should have visited my top choices before I decided they were my top choices. Why? Because my … Continue reading

Time for a Rant

Quick gmatclub.com Update: Things on gmatclub.com are progressing well, we launched our interactive forum and people are starting to participate more. Something I really love, and I think is a huge strength of mine is going through the product development process. Creating from scratch and refining until you produce a take-to-market product gets my juices … Continue reading

Big Weeks Ahead and Another Interview Invite

Work: Things at work have been seesawing a bit as of late. I picked up a new project for my business! Woohoo, but likely won’t get paid on it til April (that’s the life of an entrepreneur). I certainly don’t remember it being this hard when I started my first company, but hey, maybe it … Continue reading