What Dreams Are Made Of

The Decision:

I’ll be joining the Tuck School of Business Class of 2014 in the fall and couldn’t be happier! There it is friends – DREAM REALIZED.

Hanover Here I Come:

A sense of relief came over me about 4:30pm central time on March 6th. I had just got off the phone with my fiance, after telling her my heart was content and my mind was at ease as I walked away from all my other schools. Tuck had shown me the love I showed them, they expressed enthusiasm in me and most importantly they were excited about my unique background and what I would bring into the classroom.

Immediately that evening I withdrew from all of the schools I’d been accepted to and waitlisted at. It was a done deal – to me, Tuck was on a majestic level. No other school and not even a full ride anywhere else would dissuade me from Dartmouth. My mother and Uncle thought I was silly for turning down Kellogg with a named Merit Scholarship in hand and a rent-free high-rise Condo overlooking Lake Michigan. My heart wasn’t as emotionally connected to Kellogg as it was to heavenly Hanover and the familial atmosphere at Tuck.

When did I know:

It became glaringly apparent to me right after the Tuck Diversity Conference in November, Hanover was where I belonged – I tried to deny it for a while but my resistance was futile. I reached out to a lot of alumni and current students and every last one of them responded to me, reached back out to me and encouraged me as I trudged through the waiting process. The fact that it was a Consortium school was mere icing on the cake. It’s been said over and over again that Tuck is a school that’s huge on fit, and I felt it. It was like snuggling into the perfect pair of jeans. For months on end, I imagined whiffs of fresh New Hampshire air in my otherwise stuffy apartment, accidentally wore green shirts and ties to all my important meetings, dreamt weekly about playing hockey and spending weekends in a graduate dorm :-D.

Tuck is such a different experience, it’s hard to put in words. Away from civilization, tucked away from reality and an everlasting kumbaya hug from 500 of your closest friends. The deal sealer from me, was when a T’13 reached out to me and messaged me, “I really hope you make it to Tuck next year. You get us, you fit here.” After that message, I took a huge gulp of the Tuckie Jungle Juice knowing it was T’14 or bust.


I’ve already spent $150 or so on Dartmouth/Tuck apparel and plan on dropping a couple more hundred once the “Tuck Stuff” (tuckstuff.com) Store reopens on March 18th. I’ve also been practicing my ice skating for the past month and half in preparation for Tripod Hockey and will be buying a new pair of skates and resurrecting my old hockey gear soon. I’m also making plans for ASW in April with my TP and I can’t wait to meet fellow gmatclubbers Lady Road Warrior, Batman29 and my Consortium crew once you all get admitted later this week.

As you can imagine my fiance is thrilled, she will be going to Boston University to get her MPH. She already bought a dress for the Tuck Fall Formal. And now that I’m a T’14 I already feel like a fiercely loyal Tuckie. It’s hard to explain but you know that you’re about to have two of the best years of your life in the middle of nowhere building a new family. You’re one of a kind. Not your standard Ivy Leaguer. You’re different; linked by the Tuckie blood bond, yet always accepting outsiders with wide open arms.

After spending one full year agonizing over this b-school application process I can say it was absolutely worth it. Why? I discovered what dreams are made of – tripod hockey, copious amounts of snow, cabins in the deep woods, a single bar called Murphy’s that you’ll visit almost every night, huge leather couches in Stell Hall that swallow you whole and 500 of your new best friends who will rush to the front of the line to donate their kidney.

Tuckie. For. Life.

9 Responses to “What Dreams Are Made Of”
  1. Batman29 says:

    You made a fantastic choice! I only hope I can join you though!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tuck tuck goose!!!!! YES! Here’s hoping I too am a Tuckie for life!
    – LadyRoadWarrior

  3. faro says:

    You psyched us out with that last post about the Choice!



  4. Miraclekid says:

    Congratulations! It truly is an amazing school and hope you make every minute of it! All the Best!!


  5. Batman29 says:

    It seems ladyroadwarrior and you will end up at Tuck. I got waitlisted today but I thank you for your support.

  6. ladyroadwarrior says:

    ps. I can skate!

  7. Batman29 says:

    Oh yeah. I think faro got in too.
    Looks like insead or Yale for me.
    Lady, you just rub it in.
    Congrats, guys.

  8. Alicia says:

    What a great post! I’m psyched to hear you are so psyched about coming to Tuck!! 🙂 For reference, my name is Alicia. I am a T’12 and also part of the Consortium. I’ve had a great two years here and hope you have an equally excellent experience. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything. 🙂

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