Choose Bravely

In just about a month schools are begging to get their hands on your deposit money. Many of you are in the fortunate position of being able to choose which schools to attend. But how do you choose wisely? Factors include: Location Class Size Ranking Fit Scholarship Situation Partner Input Recruiting Career Services Brand of … Continue reading

An Alternate Reality

I just wrapped up what will likely be my final performance review. I was expecting with the icy relationship between myself and my supervisor things would not go so well… but I was actually pleasantly surprised. A bit of a back story: When I told my supervisor six months ago I was going back to … Continue reading

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

This blog post is all about money, dough, cheddar cheese & stacks. To date The Senator has spent over $5,000.00 in direct costs applying to business school. How, you might ask? No I didn’t get one of those fancy consultants, no I didn’t do multiple visits with overnight stays to multiple schools. But yes, I … Continue reading

Mental Exhaustion

This week has been a horrible week for rest. I’ve been getting anxiety over a multitude of things. Obviously acceptances into schools, in particular one school that’s at the Top of my list. Figuring out how to pay for my MBA, and invite to Yale for interview (which was great) but now realizing I have … Continue reading

How I would have done things differently

Looking back on my MBA journey there are a handful of things I can say without a doubt I would have done differently, below is a shortened list of the Top 3 things: Due diligence on schools I should have visited my top choices before I decided they were my top choices. Why? Because my … Continue reading