License to Muse

Writing Essays: Essays are a total mind-f. I cannot tell you how many podcasts, blog postings and clearadmit wiki’s I’ve watched, listened to and read. I’ve absolutely torn apart so many essays and have not turned in one application that I’m fearing I won’t get it done. What I find most challenging is not coming … Continue reading

List condensed and recommendations

After adding some grey hairs I finally have done three things I needed to do: Narrow down my list Secure recommenders Budget Without further ado here is what I decided on and in no particular order: Stanford Graduate School of Business Tuck School of Business Cornell Johnson School Kellogg School of Management Wharton School Yale … Continue reading

When people trample on your dreams

First of all I want to say I’m super lucky to have a family and a girlfriend that are extra supportive of my decision to go back to school. Incidentally my girlfriend is applying to get her MPH and get out of the insurance industry to pursue her dream of helping women in developing countries … Continue reading

Narrowing down schools

So today I’m undertaking the daunting task of narrowing down my expansive list of schools I’d like to apply to. I have a few different factors that I’m considering and my (not-so-short) list looks like this: Harvard Stanford Duke Cornell (Consortium) Columbia NYU (Consortium) Northwestern Chicago Dartmouth (Consortium) Michigan (Consortium) Yale (Consortium) Berkeley (Consortium) Emory … Continue reading

Judgement Day

I woke up this morning harkening my inner Terminator 2. Breakfast included yogurt with fruit and granola followed by a multivitamin, OJ and a banana. About five minutes in after chewing the same piece of banana for 45 seconds I swallowed, then immediately got up and lurched forward almost letting it all up in one … Continue reading