Life Update

Yes, it’s time to talk about me! In a day I’ll be heading off to Darden for my first Consortium School interview so I’ll talk about that later this week. Thanksgiving was spent with my girlfriend’s family. My mother was really disappointed I didn’t fly back home but I honestly couldn’t afford it. Flights to … Continue reading

Wharton Interview Debrief and Money Woes

Interview at Wharton: In three words: It was great. I really felt me and the interviewer made a connection even though the interview format was less than ideal. He asked all the basic questions then started firing away behavioral questions and probed for details which I felt I answered well. The interview actually went over … Continue reading

Off to Philly

Onto my third interview at the Wharton School. At this point I feel well seasoned for my Wharton interview. I guess the difference is Wharton is considered one of the ‘Big 3’ (Harvard/Wharton/Stanford). Wharton is tough to get an interview at in the first place, and then after you get an interview you only have … Continue reading

Tuck Diversity Conference

I’m in love. What a weekend. Honestly one of the best weekends of 2011 hands down and I have to thank the Tuck School for putting on such a great event. If you don’t know what the Tuck Diversity Conference (or DivCo) is then you need to sift through the Tuck website and check it … Continue reading

Applications Complete and Interview to Wharton!

Two great things happened this past week. I finished all of my applications Wharton invited me to Interview in Philly When I finally hit the submit button to Consortium I was so relieved. It was like a flood of emotions rushed through me when I realized. I really just did this, I’m really going back … Continue reading