A Quick Breather

Once again, the Senator goes dark… my apologies for that. Between completing my move out, wrapping up a huge work project and continuing interviews for internships I haven’t even had time for clear thought. July has been a month of intense travel so far. Back to my hometown of Detroit, trips to Chicago and Kalamazoo … Continue reading

Best Weekend Of My Life

Rarely do I post about my personal life when it has little to do with my MBA pursuits, but I had to this time… why? Because I just had the best weekend of my life. Thursday, May 30th – Dazed & Confused: The drive from Minneapolis was exhausting in anticipation of what was sure to … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

–LadyRoadWarrior is a fellow gmatclubber deciding between a handful of Top Tier MBA Programs. Below is her first guest blog sharing her experience on the Road to the MBA Class of 2014.– The Senator graciously allowed me to guest-blog here, to provide my own perspective on the road to the MBA Class of 2014. ¬†As … Continue reading