Raise Your Glass to the Best

Last week, a colleague and I penned a controversial post re: The Consortium. As promised I wouldn’t leave our opinions undone and after some superb commentary from responders I want to offer some suggestions that I think would improve an organization that I wholeheartedly support and believe in. Before you read, I’d like to add … Continue reading

What Dreams Are Made Of

The Decision: I’ll be joining the Tuck School of Business Class of 2014 in the fall and couldn’t be happier! There it is friends – DREAM REALIZED. Hanover Here I Come: A sense of relief came over me about 4:30pm central time on March 6th. I had just got off the phone with my fiance, … Continue reading

The Consortium Game

I remember reading the Consortium 2011 thread this time last year on gmatclub.com. A reoccurring admonishment from the future Class of 2013 was, “Don’t game the system”, “Don’t try to strategize your rankings”, “School X will reject you if you rank them below 2.” A year later, after coming full circle myself, I echo some … Continue reading

Berkeley Super Saturday and Kellogg Happy Hour

Well, I feel lucky to have gone six for six on my Consortium schools for either interviews or interview invites! Berkeley invited me this past Friday to join them for Super Saturday to learn more about the school, meet with students and conduct an interview. Problem is I have a conflict on that day for … Continue reading


Second acceptance! Gotta say I was super-duper jazzed about this one. Cornell, as mentioned previously, is high on my list of schools I’d like to go to. They have a ton of great opportunities and student base that’s enthusiastic. I refrained from posting my acceptance on gmatclub.com just so I could give others the opportunity … Continue reading