The Waiting Game

Now that I have three applications submitted the waiting game is creeping up on me as well as the stressors of finishing other applications. Thankfully a really cool project I’ve been working on since January and working out has really helped me stay mildly sane. This week as well, my girlfriend started cranking out essays … Continue reading

Kellogg Interview DeBrief

Since I returned from Chicago I’ve split time between work (things are really heating up), essays, my extracurriculars and prepping for my Kellogg interview. On side note I’ve been working out a lot to help blow off steam. My Kellogg interviewer is based in the city that I live in. She works at a Fortune … Continue reading

Taking a Much Needed Break

There comes a point in time where you need to take a mini-vaca. For me, I go to Chicago and hang out with my Uncle. A few years ago he and his wife moved from Detroit to Chicago after the auto industry crashed to get a change of scenery and transition into new jobs. My … Continue reading

Fast and Furious

Deadlines are approaching quickly. Between reminding recommenders to finish recommendations on time, writing essays and keeping myself sane my head is on the verge of explosion. To make matters worse, hobsons, the company that provides all the back end software for applications for most business schools is frustrating me. I’m having so many issues uploading … Continue reading

Wharton app in, Kellogg Interview, and Info Session Impressions

Wharton Application is in. Thank. The. Lord. What a process. I went through five essays, dozens of drafts, tons of research, conversations and an emotional tug-of-war but I finally got it in. The Wharton app was especially tough because of the choices of essays on certain questions. Initially I didn’t do my research and missed … Continue reading