Fast and Furious

Deadlines are approaching quickly. Between reminding recommenders to finish recommendations on time, writing essays and keeping myself sane my head is on the verge of explosion. To make matters worse, hobsons, the company that provides all the back end software for applications for most business schools is frustrating me. I’m having so many issues uploading essays, dates disappearing, etc. that I feel like I’m losing my head re-entering information all the time. This week I’ll finalize Stanford and Kellogg and then start prepping for my Kellogg interview. Then I continue tackling the six schools left.

I’m not happy with my Stanford application, and I’m not happy my disgruntled supervisor is writing me a recommendation either. Our relationship has deteriorated significantly since I broke the news and I’m scared he is going to go ape s*%# on me at any moment. I’ve just been keeping my head down and kept doing what I do for the time being.

In other news…

I’m getting a barrage of e-mails and mailings from  MBA programs interested in having me apply. And while I know this is commonplace it does make me feel pretty special. MIT seems to be hitting me up pretty hard and I even got a call the other day from the HULT school. Too bad it’s too late (at least in my mind).


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