Choose Bravely

In just about a month schools are begging to get their hands on your deposit money. Many of you are in the fortunate position of being able to choose which schools to attend. But how do you choose wisely? Factors include: Location Class Size Ranking Fit Scholarship Situation Partner Input Recruiting Career Services Brand of … Continue reading

Triumphant Humility

Crazy week for a lot of folks receiving application responses and scholarship/fellowship notifications from schools. Congrats to all that got into their dream school and as I told a fellow MBA candidate, “If you get/were rejected it’ll sting, but don’t let it bite.” Live to fight another day. The application process in itself was Step … Continue reading

Shot Down From the Clouds

Yesterday was a record day for hits on my blog. I’m proud to report thesenator2014 has followers in almost 30 countries across all continents (except Antarctica). It felt pretty awesome revealing that I ended up at the perfect school for me. Keeping it all in perspective though… The journey is just beginning. Still pumped. Sadly, … Continue reading

What Dreams Are Made Of

The Decision: I’ll be joining the Tuck School of Business Class of 2014 in the fall and couldn’t be happier! There it is friends – DREAM REALIZED. Hanover Here I Come: A sense of relief came over me about 4:30pm central time on March 6th. I had just got off the phone with my fiance, … Continue reading

The Consortium Game

I remember reading the Consortium 2011 thread this time last year on A reoccurring admonishment from the future Class of 2013 was, “Don’t game the system”, “Don’t try to strategize your rankings”, “School X will reject you if you rank them below 2.” A year later, after coming full circle myself, I echo some … Continue reading