Best Weekend Of My Life

Rarely do I post about my personal life when it has little to do with my MBA pursuits, but I had to this time… why? Because I just had the best weekend of my life. Thursday, May 30th – Dazed & Confused: The drive from Minneapolis was exhausting in anticipation of what was sure to … Continue reading

Best of Blogging 2012 Nominee!

This weekend began with a bang! Early Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from Clear Admit that I’d been nominated for their ‘Best of Blogging 2011 – 2012’ awards with nine other distinguished pre-MBA bloggers–AWESOMENESS. Coupled with a trip to my hometown with my soon-to-be wife things really couldn’t have gotten much better. Looking back … Continue reading

Shot Down From the Clouds

Yesterday was a record day for hits on my blog. I’m proud to report thesenator2014 has followers in almost 30 countries across all continents (except Antarctica). It felt pretty awesome revealing that I ended up at the perfect school for me. Keeping it all in perspective though… The journey is just beginning. Still pumped. Sadly, … Continue reading

When people trample on your dreams

First of all I want to say I’m super lucky to have a family and a girlfriend that are extra supportive of my decision to go back to school. Incidentally my girlfriend is applying to get her MPH and get out of the insurance industry to pursue her dream of helping women in developing countries … Continue reading