Nostalgia Kicks In

Pressing Pause I had to stop myself in my tracks today. Amidst feverishly packing up all my stuff, and selling most of my possessions on Craigslist I stared at a Coffee Pot that should have had no meaning to me whatsoever. I’d just cleaned out half of my now barren kitchen and sold my couch … Continue reading

Best of Blogging 2012 Nominee!

This weekend began with a bang! Early Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from Clear Admit that I’d been nominated for their ‘Best of Blogging 2011 – 2012’ awards with nine other distinguished pre-MBA bloggers–AWESOMENESS. Coupled with a trip to my hometown with my soon-to-be wife things really couldn’t have gotten much better. Looking back … Continue reading

The Consortium Game

I remember reading the Consortium 2011 thread this time last year on A reoccurring admonishment from the future Class of 2013 was, “Don’t game the system”, “Don’t try to strategize your rankings”, “School X will reject you if you rank them below 2.” A year later, after coming full circle myself, I echo some … Continue reading

“Business School, the Two Year Vacation.”

Says my buddy in law school. Disclaimer here for all those who have applied to law school: you may not like this post… So I thought it was pretty presumptuous my buddy made an executive decision that business school was a joke. I’ll give this to him, law school is extremely intense, and the stress … Continue reading

Fast and Furious

Deadlines are approaching quickly. Between reminding recommenders to finish recommendations on time, writing essays and keeping myself sane my head is on the verge of explosion. To make matters worse, hobsons, the company that provides all the back end software for applications for most business schools is frustrating me. I’m having so many issues uploading … Continue reading