It’s Starting to Sink In

When I realized it was Really Going to Happen… The non-stop wave of e-mails from Tuck. I actually still pretty giddy when I get a new one. My bank account balance suddenly dropped by $2,500 when Dartmouth cashed my deposit check. I started getting e-mails to apply to pre-MBA prep programs. Recruiters contacting me to … Continue reading

How to NOT Enjoy Your Summer before B-School

Well, the title isn’t entirely correct. But yes, my summer is overbooked and will stay that way into August. Which means no time off in between work and school. I did things WRONG. After an ambitious Spring I thought (keyword thought) I would wade into my traditional lazy summer afternoons, playing a bit of golf … Continue reading

It’s been too long…

This is a brief update, I promise to post more details soon: Sorry, Forgive me folks, I know it’s been a while… sometimes you just need to take a timeout to regroup and refocus. Over the past month I’ve been traveling like a madman and preparing for a summer that’s going to be a lot … Continue reading