My quest for an MBA started at the age of 17 when I participated in the LEAD Program in business. That summer, after writing a business plan and presenting a new cereal concept to executives at General Mills, I knew I wanted to go to business school and go on to get my MBA. The road getting there was rocky (to say the least). Through my first few years in college I was an aimless wanderer, trying to navigate my way through school. I ended up having to take a self imposed ‘timeout’ to rediscover my roots and refocus on my passion for business and people.

After spending some time reflecting on real goals, and not the kind where you make a million dollars on Wall Street then give it all away to charity, I dusted myself off, returned to school and started my first successful venture, before I graduated, with nine colleagues. Along the way I met the love of my life who’s been a cheerleader ever since and a beacon of support along this journey.

Currently, I’m in the education space, designing what I hope will be the future of secondary education in the country and our world. During the time I took off from school, something that was put in perspective for me, were the lost opportunities my younger brothers and sisters in the city of Detroit (my hometown) were being robbed of. The city’s public school system had been looted over the period of two decades and the achievement gap was wider than the grand canyon. It became clear to me that the situation could not be undone by employing traditional crisis management… to date, Detroit’ school system is still in total disarray. So now, I find myself starting from the bottom climbing my way up (I find myself here too often) hoping that in the next several years the solutions that I and others design can help to solve a crisis that not only Detroit faces but also many urban education systems just like it.

Join me as I blog about why an MBA will help me move the conversation forward and encourage us to act as one to give our kids the chance they deserve.


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    Dear blog admin,

    I work with Aringo.com, one of the top MBA admission consulting firms.
    After following your blog for quite some time I thought we could post a link to your blog on our blog (blog.aringo.com) and vice versa, just as we already do with our partners GmatClub.com.

    Makes sense? Any other ideas for collaboration?


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