The Inflection Point

Paying to Get Owned I’ll admit what a lot of us in business school are thinking through our first few weeks of classes, “Why am I forgoing salary and paying to get steamrolled?” I’ve generally been a decent student; working hard and working smart to get the job done. But Tuck was a completely different … Continue reading

Best of Blogging 2012 Nominee!

This weekend began with a bang! Early Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from Clear Admit that I’d been nominated for their ‘Best of Blogging 2011 – 2012’ awards with nine other distinguished pre-MBA bloggers–AWESOMENESS. Coupled with a trip to my hometown with my soon-to-be wife things really couldn’t have gotten much better. Looking back … Continue reading

Choose Bravely

In just about a month schools are begging to get their hands on your deposit money. Many of you are in the fortunate position of being able to choose which schools to attend. But how do you choose wisely? Factors include: Location Class Size Ranking Fit Scholarship Situation Partner Input Recruiting Career Services Brand of … Continue reading

Ever Dream about your Dream School(s)?

Ok, of course you do! Lately, for me it seems like it’s been happening all too often. As my head descends slowly into my feather stuffed pillow and my eyelids flutter, I slip into an alternate reality. I imagine what life will be like in a year with new friends, in a new place, learning … Continue reading

Do you DESERVE an MBA?

Usually it’s not my style to call people out, and I won’t refer to anyone directly in this post, but recently I had two discussions both of the nature of deserved-ness of an MBA. One online and another face-to-face with a colleague. The online conversation was more along the lines of an exchange rather than … Continue reading