“Business School, the Two Year Vacation.”

Says my buddy in law school. Disclaimer here for all those who have applied to law school: you may not like this post… So I thought it was pretty presumptuous my buddy made an executive decision that business school was a joke. I’ll give this to him, law school is extremely intense, and the stress … Continue reading

An Alternate Reality

I just wrapped up what will likely be my final performance review. I was expecting with the icy relationship between myself and my supervisor things would not go so well… but I was actually pleasantly surprised. A bit of a back story: When I told my supervisor six months ago I was going back to … Continue reading

The Big Week… It’s here

Two words describe my mindset at the moment: anxious and afraid. Just a week ago today I was interviewing at Yale University, wrapping up the last of eight b-school interviews…. seems like a decade ago. The days have been ticking by slowly. As someone appropriately stated this morning in my Facebook news feed, “Doesn’t it … Continue reading

When Amazing Happens

As I noted in my blog this past week I visited Boston with my girlfriend. We went to check out BU, her school of choice to pursue her Masters in Public Health. We were both hoping that last week when we were there she would hear some good news, but to no avail. Her application … Continue reading