Pay It Forward

Having recently completed another phase in the b-school admissions process I’ve had small blocks of time to sit back and think about all the people who helped me get there. Included are the usual suspects: family, friends, close mentors, co-workers, my girlfriend and who can forget the youth I have the honor of working with. … Continue reading

Another Leg on the Road to… Comes to a Close

What a weekend! Berkeley Interview. Beantown visit. Yale Interview and visit. And another bout with PHL (aka the worst airport in the world). Berkeley Interview Instead of flying to San Francisco, I opted for an alumni interview. The interview lasted over an hour and started off (and ended) well. I had a minor hiccup in … Continue reading

Off to the Bean Scene

Beantown tomorrow and through the weekend to visit Boston University with my girlfriend. Christine, my gf, is applying to BU’s Master of Public Health Program. It’s her number one choice and she wants me there for moral support and a weekend vaca. We’re staying in a quaint hotel in between the main campus and School … Continue reading

Ever Dream about your Dream School(s)?

Ok, of course you do! Lately, for me it seems like it’s been happening all too often. As my head descends slowly into my feather stuffed pillow and my eyelids flutter, I slip into an alternate reality. I imagine what life will be like in a year with new friends, in a new place, learning … Continue reading

Do you DESERVE an MBA?

Usually it’s not my style to call people out, and I won’t refer to anyone directly in this post, but recently I had two discussions both of the nature of deserved-ness of an MBA. One online and another face-to-face with a colleague. The online conversation was more along the lines of an exchange rather than … Continue reading