Take a Number: The Dreaded Waitlist


First, Relax and Take a Deep Breath It’s that time in the year when a bevy of admissions decisions have been handed out. For better or worse, you’re in or out… or maybe you’re just a “maybe”. If you’ve applied to six or more school this has likely happened to you and you’re trying to … Continue reading

Being Neglectful

Stell Hall

I have no excuse–I take that back, I do. My reason for not blogging in months: business school and recruiting. I realize it’s going to be impossible to recap the last five months of my life in one single post so I’ve committed to giving steady updates along the way. But here is a summary: … Continue reading

The Value of an Elite MBA

Goldman-Barclays-JPMorgan-Morgan-Stanley 2

I arrived in New York last week for Morgan Stanley’s two-day Early Insights MBA Program — a sort of recruitment accelerator for candidates interested in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Investment Research — it was more than a worthwhile experience. We were warmly accepted at a dinner reception with students and Morgan Stanley reps, … Continue reading

Threepeat – Part Two


–OhDenny, a veteran gmatclubber graciously agreed to share his ‘Road to the MBA’ story with the world. This is Part Two of his story–one of trial, tribulation… and triumph.- Act II: Desperation The following year I was determined to get into school.  I knew I had everything I needed to get in: some killer recs, … Continue reading

Threepeat – Part One


–OhDenny, a veteran gmatclubber graciously agreed to share his ‘Road to the MBA’ story with the world. Over the next three days you will hear his story–one of trial, tribulation… and triumph. OhDenny’s narrative will capture the interest of all of us, but particularly those who weren’t successful their first time around applying to b-school. … Continue reading


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