The Waiting Game

Now that I have three applications submitted the waiting game is creeping up on me as well as the stressors of finishing other applications. Thankfully a really cool project I’ve been working on since January and working out has really helped me stay mildly sane. This week as well, my girlfriend started cranking out essays for MPH school. She’s applying to a few schools out east and down south, so we are doing our best to coordinate our living situation, but it seems like in all likelyhood we will end up in different cities, but hopefully not on different coasts. Whatever happens I’m going to support her, just like she has supported me 100% in what she wants to do. She’s be an amazing voice on confidence.

Back to waiting…

The next few weeks will be due or die for Stanford and Wharton. Around the first two weeks in November I should hear back if these schools want to interview me. Essentially, for any top MBA program for you non-MBAers out there if you don’t get invited to an interview to your school they aren’t interested. Kellogg is mandatory so it doesn’t really count. As I said before Stanford is my long long shot so I’m not anticipating any love from them, coupled with the fact I probably have a suspect recommendation I’d be shocked if they asked me to interview.

Other stuff…

Tuck Diversity Conference is coming up soon and I’m really looking forward to it. After doing more research and reaching out to alums I did find out that they get about 200 applications each year and select 60 or so prospective students to join them. I’ve been in contact with students and alums as well just trying to get more acclimated to what I should expect.

Essays are coming along as well. I’m pretty pleased with my progress and should be done ahead of schedule. One consideration in the Consortium ranking for the schools I want to apply to. As of now I haven’t decided my ranking, but I do have a few schools that I’d be really happy (and lucky) to end up at.


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