Wharton app in, Kellogg Interview, and Info Session Impressions

Wharton Application is in. Thank. The. Lord. What a process. I went through five essays, dozens of drafts, tons of research, conversations and an emotional tug-of-war but I finally got it in. The Wharton app was especially tough because of the choices of essays on certain questions. Initially I didn’t do my research and missed the fact that one of the optional essay choices is in fact not optional at all. The other challenging piece was my personal statement. I probably went through no less than 25 edits and at the end of the day I’m very satisfied. Why? Not because I think I’m a shoe-in for Wharton, mostly because it will serve as the backbone for my other goals type essays. Each time I read it I get more and more excited about the future.

Kellogg Interview

So I was assigned an interviewer for a mid-Oct interview and I certainly need to brush up on my skillz before it creeps up on me. For those of you not familiar with Kellogg’s application process it’s two-fold, Part One is resume info, and a request for interview (mandatory for all candidates) and Part Two which is essay’s and extracurriculars. I finished Part One back in Sept. and have moved on to Part Two. Kellogg’s application is tough, seriously, and honestly I can tell my recommenders are not going to be too pleased with the questions. But as I stated before, I like the culture at Kellogg and it’s definitely up there on my choices list.

Info Sessions

A few posts back, I talked about my school rankings, since I started the process I’ve been to info sessions and joint info sessions for most of the schools I applied to. One of the info sessions left me with a hugely favorable impression: the Tuck School of Business. I’ll admit Tuck wasn’t really on my radar at the forefront of the MBA search. It isn’t a well known marquee here in the Midwest and it’s isolated and small. But when I went to the info session I was impressed. There were five, yes five prospective students that showed up and five alumni from Tuck that came as well. A 1:1 ratio which I’d never seen before. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, that’s more of a function of interest in the school in your area than anything (maybe). Fact is, no other info session I’d been to before had that many alums show up and considering how small the school was I was that much more impressed. I exchanged business cards with a few Tuckies and I followed up with them as well. They were responsive and supportive. Tuck is moving up my list quickly.

On the same night, I went to another joint info session and spoke with a few adcoms and an alum or two of those respective institutions. I was impressed with Yale and Cornell. Michigan, Duke and NYU not so much. Actually one of the alums from Cornell sat with me for a good 20 minutes and we had a great conversation about the Johnson School and how supportive the network was to him and how he credits the school with helping him dust himself off, as he put it. Johnson and Yale, like Tuck seem to have a similar close-knit, support system vibe to them that I’m diggin.


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