Raise Your Glass to the Best

Last week, a colleague and I penned a controversial post re: The Consortium. As promised I wouldn’t leave our opinions undone and after some superb commentary from responders I want to offer some suggestions that I think would improve an organization that I wholeheartedly support and believe in. Before you read, I’d like to add … Continue reading

The Truth: The Consortium

The following posts were co-authored by The Senator and Cheetarah1980, author of an MBA Blog called “The Brain Dump”. Cheetarah1980: Let it be known that I 100% support the mission of the Consortium for Graduate School Management. Minorities are woefully underrepresented in senior level and executive management positions across all industries. Blacks, Latinos, SE Asians, … Continue reading

Time for a Rant

Quick gmatclub.com Update: Things on gmatclub.com are progressing well, we launched our interactive forum and people are starting to participate more. Something I really love, and I think is a huge strength of mine is going through the product development process. Creating from scratch and refining until you produce a take-to-market product gets my juices … Continue reading

Fast and Furious

Deadlines are approaching quickly. Between reminding recommenders to finish recommendations on time, writing essays and keeping myself sane my head is on the verge of explosion. To make matters worse, hobsons, the company that provides all the back end software for applications for most business schools is frustrating me. I’m having so many issues uploading … Continue reading

License to Muse

Writing Essays: Essays are a total mind-f. I cannot tell you how many podcasts, blog postings and clearadmit wiki’s I’ve watched, listened to and read. I’ve absolutely torn apart so many essays and have not turned in one application that I’m fearing I won’t get it done. What I find most challenging is not coming … Continue reading