Kellogg Interview DeBrief

Since I returned from Chicago I’ve split time between work (things are really heating up), essays, my extracurriculars and prepping for my Kellogg interview. On side note I’ve been working out a lot to help blow off steam. My Kellogg interviewer is based in the city that I live in. She works at a Fortune 500 company here and was generally pretty nice when we exchanged e-mails. I got to the interview early and was dressed in a black pinstripe (very light pinstripes) suit with a gold tie. I kind of felt like Presidential Candidate Herman Cain with the gold tie. My interviewer came to get me promptly at 10AM and said she had a hard stop at 1030AM. She asked me three questions:

Walk me through your resume.

Why your MBA now?

and Why Kellogg?

The first question I tackled pretty easily. The second and third question I attempted to do the kill the bird with two stones method and answer why the Kellogg MBA. In my mind I had successfully passed the test. But she wasn’t done. She pushed back on the length of my work experience and told me it took her 8 years to decide to go back to school so why would someone who only had 3 plus years of experience be ready? As I stated before I knew this would be a fundamental hang-up in my application. I explained that I had successfully launched a business, owned my own small business since 2008, yadayada. At the end of the interview I kind of left with a sour taste in my mouth.

My first interview was kind of a fall flat on the face type of deal in my opinion and I plan on learning from it. I need to really sharpen my Why Now part of the question that will continue to come and also think about how to tell my story better… Back to mashing away at the keyboard.

Hopefully I can get a weekend off here.


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