Being Neglectful

I have no excuse–I take that back, I do. My reason for not blogging in months: business school and recruiting. I realize it’s going to be impossible to recap the last five months of my life in one single post so I’ve committed to giving steady updates along the way. But here is a summary:

August – Did some early IB recruiting over the summer and ended up getting to a final round interview with Barclays. This was all going on while wrapping a client project and road-tripping from Minnesota to New Hampshire with my in-laws to be and my family, which incidentally was the first time they met. I was über stressed and well, I didn’t get the offer. Not going to lie, I was dejected.

September – School starts and I had to get over my disappointment quickly. Fall A at Tuck is like a Tequila Shot (credit to Professor Joe Hall) “It’s quick, it’s painful… but you’ll be bouncing off the walls when it’s over.” So true. For all you future Tuckies out there get ready. Recruiting also started and every major bulge bracket bank was on campus early and often.

October – Recruiting kicks into high gear, trips to New York, dinners with bankers and focusing on classes. One of the nice things about Tuck is that there is a grade non-disclosure policy, however you need to do well in your classes. By the way, even though I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m also having a heck of a lot of fun with my classmates and friends.

November – Job applications due, Fall B midterms on deck and Diversity Conference at Tuck. DivCo is arguably one of the best weekends at Tuck and this year was not an exception. If you’re a prospective it’s a must come to event. My fellow Tuckies continue to rock in all aspects–they validate all the reasons I chose to come here.

December – Finals and closed lists come out. Morgan Stanley, Barclays and Goldman Sachs close list me and J.P. Morgan offers me an ‘alternate spot’ which is essentially a semi-closed list. For those of you that are unfamiliar with ‘closed lists’ and recruiting, be sure to Google it. Essentially it’s your first goal coming into the recruiting season.

January – I bid points on J.P. Morgan and BofA Merrill Lynch and prep for interviews and now have five in total. The rest of campus is also making preparations for consulting, general management, etc. We’re just wrapping up investment banking interviews this week and I’ve accepted an offer for the summer!!!

So, after that frantic run-through I have some personal thoughts to share about my first few months at school.

  1. I love Tuck. I’m so glad I came here. There’s no collection of people I’d rather be around. I had opportunities to go to Kellogg, Cornell and Wharton–they’re amazing schools but if you’re struggling with your decision like I did, choose fit.
  2. I didn’t necessarily see myself as an investment banker–especially given my background and long-term philanthropic goals, but it’s such an intriguing job and was a challenge that I wanted to tackle head on.
  3. At the end of the day we all come to school with some baggage but it’s almost all forgotten when you start this chapter of your life. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something, start something or be somebody. I’ve learned a ton about myself in these four short months at Tuck–and I’m grateful.
  4. Friends forever; much more about this later, but this is my biggest takeaway. I love these people and they’re going to be my friends for life. We do just about everything together as one big team and it couldn’t feel more right.

In the next few weeks I’ll dig deeper on stories and learning lessons and hopefully not neglect my blog so much.

Stay warm folks!

2 Responses to “Being Neglectful”
  1. Hi Senator,

    I found your blog through lady cheetarah1980’s blog and it was such an oasis to indulge in during the daunting application process…now I’m absorbing every bits of Tuck life on your recent posts and they’re so insightful regarding what the real Tuck experience is – yes I’m coming to Tuck and excited to become a schoolmate of the Senator’s! lol

    Sylvia, T’15

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