Best Weekend Of My Life

Rarely do I post about my personal life when it has little to do with my MBA pursuits, but I had to this time… why?

Because I just had the best weekend of my life.

Thursday, May 30th – Dazed & Confused:

The drive from Minneapolis was exhausting in anticipation of what was sure to be a memorable event. My sister, who has been engaged for the better part of two years was final going to tie-the-knot. With a lot of other things swirling in my mind (final touches on NBMBAA Scholarship App, prep for interviews next week, and work–(totally forgot this was one of the most important professional weeks of my life) it hadn’t yet hit me I was going to be a part of history… literally.

My fiance and I arrived without incident in the Northern suburbs of Chicago drained of everything expect for enough strength for one glass of Cabernet. That night I struggled to sleep… I was so overwhelmed by the week and weekend ahead I tossed and turned my way to 7AM…

Friday, June 1st – The Chaos:

After I showered and packed my bags for entrance into Downtown Chicago I was greeted by the Bridezilla–my oldest sister, who wasn’t even getting married. Several orders were barked at me, at which point I protested, then realized after the 45 minute drive downtown, she was a surgeon and could likely gut me with a scalpel and make it look like an accident… I ended up doing what I was told.

Running furiously around downtown Chicago for hours turned into a mess, but we got it done. My sisters (both Bridezillas at this point) were happy and we proceeded to a jovial rehearsal dinner at Spiaggia Chicago followed by a post-game at the Drake Hotel. Got to bed around 2AM that night. Again, less than abundant sleep.

Saturday, June 2nd – The Payoff:

I woke up to a backlog of e-mails from recruiters requesting interviews for this week’s upcoming Consortium Orientation Program–I didn’t respond to a single one. The day was simply too important to selfishly respond and concurrently apply for internships for NEXT summer. After another post wake-up Bridezilla  call I manned my station and escorted two battalions of guests to Pier One for Chicago’s Architectural Tour by Boat. By the time it was all said and done, I’d walked a few miles inside of an hour… Thank God I had a custom pair of Chucks to help me glide thru Chi-town.

Did I get to go on the boat tour? No, instead I ended up going back to the hotel and taking care of tuxedo and picture frame issues. With just about 35 minutes to spare I returned, quickly showered and prepared for photos… (Photos before the wedding is unconventional, I know).

Fast Forward… 6:45pm

My eyes started welling up, and it was time. I was about to walk my sister down the aisle on the biggest day of her life. We both took several deep breaths. She was stunning and I was honored. We slowly paced into the dome of the Adler Planetarium, I kissed her and they exchanged vows. Thirty minutes later it was a done deal and they were married. The grin on my face was so big my jaws were in pain the day after.

By 9PM the party was in full force and for the first time since the Tuck Diversity Conference last November, I cut loose… Totally loose. I stayed up til 4AM going absolutely nuts and beaming with pride. It had been the best weekend of my life.

No Expiration Date – The Reflection:

I’m rarely impressed or in amazement of anything. This weekend, however, was a different story. My sister is a trailblazer, so-to-speak. She and her wife are amongst the first to file a civil union certificate in the State of Illinois. I’m in awe of her bravery, courage but most importantly her LOVE. I learned a lot about love this weekend, and I learned a lot about priorities in life. Many of you who are prepping for Consortium OP have been responding to recruiters, doing Mock Interviews, spiffing up your resumes, etc. I’ve done none of that. Not that I’m proud, or I think it’s a mere formality I’ll get be offered a job, I just understand what’s important to me–family.

Devoting 100% of myself to my family this past weekend was the honor of my life. I added a new sister that will hopefully result in some nieces and nephews that I can spoil to death in the near future. My fiance and I got even closer as a couple fueled by the model of love my sister and her wife have for each other. And in the end, I walked away with a total of 10 hours of sleep Thursday – Sunday (nights) feeling more energized than I have in my life.

Mazel tov.

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  2. […] The Senator, complete with custom-made Chuck Taylors, flew to Chicago, ignored his emails, and happily walked his sister down the aisle.  Cheetarah announced her final decision: she’s going to Chicago Booth! Str1der noted that adcoms […]

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