Tuck Diversity Conference

I’m in love. What a weekend. Honestly one of the best weekends of 2011 hands down and I have to thank the Tuck School for putting on such a great event. If you don’t know what the Tuck Diversity Conference (or DivCo) is then you need to sift through the Tuck website and check it out. The whole weekend is designed so that prospective students of color, gender and differing sexual orientation can experience Tuck at it’s best.

Getting there:

As previously mentioned I live in the midwest and getting to the east coast is generally pretty time-consuming. From where I live Boston is a three to four hour flight in addition to a bus ride up to Hanover. You’re talking an entire day’s worth of travel. I got lucky and got a decently cheap fair around $300 bucks into Boston-Logan. From there I took the Dartmouth Coach to Hanover.


I spent most of my Thursday (day before the conference began) walking the campus. The weather was unseasonably warm and the Dartmouth campus is in a word: picturesque. Classic New England charm with enough modernity to make sure creature comforts aren’t lost in tradition. I took a nice long stroll up to the Hitchcock Medical Center and the golf course where I almost got hit by a ball snapping photos of wildlife. I made sure to give my gf the play by-play update and we fell in love with the campus together thanks to my iPhone.

The Conference:

Our schedule was packed from the moment we arrived at Tuck from the moment we left. I got such little sleep, I have no idea how I made it through the weekend without collapsing at some point. Thursday night we gathered for Tucktails (happy hour) in Raether Hall with students, alum and prospectives. Friday morning we had a welcome, I had my interview and we did some mock classes with some of Tuck’s notable professors. The mock class was super fun and it really opened up my eyes to how different viewpoints can really enhance the dialogue in the classroom. After class we had dinner, and an international party… things were coming at us so fast I don’t think any of us knew how to handle it. Saturday included career panels, student panels and lunch in Hanover on Tuck we finished off Saturday night with a dinner at a student’s house and a black light party.

The entire weekend was so well put together by the host committee and I didn’t hear a single complaint the whole weekend. There certainly were none from me.

Going home:

The moment I left Hanover I missed Tuck. I felt like I had made new friends, new connections and for the first time in months I let loose, turned off MBA mode and was myself. It’s a trip I hope to take again soon.


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