The Inflection Point

Paying to Get Owned I’ll admit what a lot of us in business school are thinking through our first few weeks of classes, “Why am I forgoing salary and paying to get steamrolled?” I’ve generally been a decent student; working hard and working smart to get the job done. But Tuck was a completely different … Continue reading

The Value of an Elite MBA

I arrived in New York last week for Morgan Stanley’s two-day Early Insights MBA Program — a sort of recruitment accelerator for candidates interested in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Investment Research — it was more than a worthwhile experience. We were warmly accepted at a dinner reception with students and Morgan Stanley reps, … Continue reading

Do you DESERVE an MBA?

Usually it’s not my style to call people out, and I won’t refer to anyone directly in this post, but recently I had two discussions both of the nature of deserved-ness of an MBA. One online and another face-to-face with a colleague. The online conversation was more along the lines of an exchange rather than … Continue reading