How to NOT Enjoy Your Summer before B-School

Well, the title isn’t entirely correct. But yes, my summer is overbooked and will stay that way into August. Which means no time off in between work and school. I did things WRONG. After an ambitious Spring I thought (keyword thought) I would wade into my traditional lazy summer afternoons, playing a bit of golf and enjoying Happy Hour with friends. Not so. The next two weeks (and the rest of the summer) look like hell.

What NOT to do:

This weekend, wedding, a Big Fat Greek one at that–you know it’s gonna be a major party all weekend. Weekend afterwards, sister is getting married and I’m the best man. Someone out there please help me write a speech. Weekend after that Consortium Orientation Program (OP). In between all this I’m submitting a few last-minute scholly applications, applying for jobs and negotiating a prickly contract with a long-term client. We haven’t even talked about work yet…

Unfortunately, turns out May/June is the busiest time of year for me. While most people in the land of 10,000 lakes are prepping their summer cabins and planning their camping trips by a lake, I’m working 12 hours a day in preparation for our annual business boot camp that is a very big deal to my employer. Coupled with all the pressures above, my mind, body and soul are suffering from an extended power surge, that will hopefully cease sometime around June 14th. Btw, did I mention I’m taking a class this summer that starts in a few weeks?

When Is Your Quit Date Class of 2015?

When I hear about my MBA buddies planning trips to Fiji and Peru I get uber jealous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for you, but I wish I could go. Instead I have a summer of burnout to look forward to and I kinda wish I would have left my job a few weeks back. One of my weaknesses is that I have a very difficult time saying ‘No’. For some reason I don’t think going to Tuck is going to help me in that respect at all, seeing as Tuckies are acculturated to say ‘Yes’.

In a couple of months when the dust clears, and before I move to Hanover, I’m hoping to have a week of silent time. For all those planning on applying this fall, don’t make my mistake and overdo it before school. In fact, I would plan your last day NOW.

2 Responses to “How to NOT Enjoy Your Summer before B-School”
  1. Zil Nabu says:

    Aww man I’m sorry your summer is looking so hectic. I’m actually trying to jump on the “busy summer train” and you were one of my inspirations. Once work ends in July I’m sure you’ll find a few days to breathe. Besides I think you’ll enjoy being busy at Tuck much more than you’re enjoying it now.

  2. Sassafras says:

    OhDenny, I am sorry I didn’t respond to your post earlier on my blog! I am coming to Yale at the end of November for a visit. I actually read through practically your entire blog and was really inspired by your journey and perseverance! I hope to see you there!

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