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~Now, For the Post~

Over the last week I’ve seen a huge spike in my web traffic. I’ve also seen a huge spike to my e-mail: regarding a previous post about the Consortium. Some responses have been good, some bad and some downright viscous, but all validate something that I’m actually happy about–we got the Consortium conversation moving forward. I’m not ashamed, nor am I backing down from my co-authored post–but I’m not doubling down either. As an individual who maintains his sanity in most situations and actually keeps an open mind I’m listening to all of the input and criticism, and tailoring my views towards CGSM.

I believe it’s OK to disagree and it’s even better to agree to disagree, respectfully. And for the most part most of you have done that. But when I hear comments or read them in my e-mail, “you sound like a douche-bag”, “you a sellout”, “man, I hope I don’t ever meet you in person” quite frankly, I wonder if Cheetarah and I were too honest? It’s one thing to disagree with an assertion on its merits, it’s another to employ ad hominem attacks in the face of a discussion that needs to be had. I’m generally not the outspoken one of the bunch and I think in this case RE: Consortium I’m not part of an inconsequential minority that actually advocates for improving the organization’s process’. But it is concerning when two individuals, who are not alone in thought, become b-school blogger fodder for suggesting something we will all be asked to do as managers… make things better.

Out of privacy and respect for those that sent me private messages, I will NOT post any of their e-mails or messages, however, I encourage those who are planning to send me messages in the future… THINK before you type. Just because you read a blog post from Motown, disagreeing with our opinion, or you stumbled across Stacy Blackman, ClearAdmit or covering a non-existent War of Words DOES NOT give you the right to send me or Cheetarah inflammatory messages. Remember, we are sitting in the same seat as you, happy we got in, but thinking about how we can make it better for those who come after us.

Finally, I want to Thank: Motown,, StacyBlackman, and ClearAdmit for boosting my Web Traffic this week! The more the merrier–THANK YOU!

6 Responses to “Thank You!”
  1. method says:

    I agree, Senator! It’s a great conversation to explore so long as we have it on the merits of different perspectives. Kudos to you and cheet for putting yourselves out there.


  2. Motown says:

    Hey Senator….glad you got a boost in web traffic!! This wasn’t meant to be a “war”…hope you didn’t think of it that way (or your readers)…but rather a healthy debate 🙂

  3. Zil Nabu (@cheetarah1980) says:

    I learned a while ago that as a blogger you assume the risk that people will disagree with you and not everyone will do so nicely. I’ve had some horrible things said to me on my blog, but I let it ride. I feel as though if I can dish it out, then I have to be willing to take it. It sucks to be called names, especially when you think that people are missing or misunderstanding your point. However, we both knew that our post would spark some controversy. I still stand by what I said and my subsequent responses. Ultimately, I think we all want to make things better for URMs applying to top schools. It’s okay to have differing views on how to do that. This has been a healthy debate and if nothing comes out of it at all at least we’ve all taken the time to think about admissions, diversity, etc. a little bit more.

  4. Zil Nabu says:

    Congrats on your Best of Blogging wins! I definitely voted for you.

  5. OhDenny says:

    Congrats, winner! 3 categories! Well done.

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