Threepeat – Final Thoughts

I want to thank OhDenny for offering his entertaining and uplifting story of perseverance. If I were in his shoes, maybe I wouldn’t have tried a second time, let alone a third. Just goes to show that the best lessons in life come from failure. Congrats on joining the Yale School of Management Class of 2014, Oh Denny. You deserve it!

Epilogue: Time Is A Healer

I recently said to someone on GMATClub “I know it’s tough, but – and I know this is the most cliché thing you’ve ever heard – everything happens for a reason.  I swear there’s truth to that, cold comfort that it is.”  I want to echo that here.  If I hadn’t gotten rejected twice, I would not have gotten my current job, gained a wealth of experience, (which will help me both at school and afterwards), or met my boyfriend.  I would have also missed out on the new building at SOM, but that’s kind of beside the point.  (No it’s not.  I’m lying.  I’m already in love with the new building.)  What I’m saying is that, in hindsight, I wouldn’t trade the years I’ve had since my first unsuccessful applications.  They made me a real boy.  In college I used to think, “Wow.  I wish I could go back to high school and do all of those plays and musicals again knowing what I know now.”  Well, now I don’t have to feel that way about B-School.  It was also a good lesson for me in patience and flexibility.  I have long been the type of person that sets down a plan and follows it to the letter (read: stubborn).  Being rejected by B-Schools was the first big bump I ever hit.  But the alternate path it sent me down ended up making me much richer (in both senses…) and took me to very (pleasantly) unexpected places.

I listened to a lot of Eva Cassidy when I was struggling with reapplication.  “Time Is A Healer” was my favorite, especially when I was feeling angsty.  But I can tell you now – no matter what happens – if you get dinged, waitlisted, or decide to apply again, for the second time – you will be okay.  All hearts that break are put back together again.

5 Responses to “Threepeat – Final Thoughts”
  1. Shirhedi113 says:

    What a great story. Congratulations!

  2. MrFriendship says:

    Thanks for the awesome story and best of luck to you at SOM!

  3. Renegade says:

    Great story very inspiring

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