Best of Blogging 2012 Nominee!

This weekend began with a bang! Early Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from Clear Admit that I’d been nominated for their ‘Best of Blogging 2011 – 2012’ awards with nine other distinguished pre-MBA bloggers–AWESOMENESS. Coupled with a trip to my hometown with my soon-to-be wife things really couldn’t have gotten much better.

Looking back on my blog (almost a year in the making) I honestly never thought anyone would find my random musings valuable… Perhaps they still hold little value but one thing is for sure, with the sustained traffic, at least a few hundred people daily find my blog mildly entertaining; and that makes me happy. As I said, I began typing my thoughts as a means of stress relief–and it still is, but the persona of my blog and even myself as a blogger has changed. No longer do I just write for myself; I write for my followers. Every time I check my site stats, get the random comment come through or even get a personal e-mail at: a piece of me lights up inside.

With all of the challenges I’ve been dealing with lately at work and the back and forth with decisions about school, blogging has been the outlet I’ve turned to in order to calm the tide. What’s funny is that in the early days, when I pressed the ‘Publish’ button I would breathe a sign of relief, allow all my stress to vacate my body via my shoulders, finish my last sip of wine and head to bed with clarity of mind. Now, I still do all of that, but I intently track who visits my blog, from which countries they visit and how many repeat visitors I have. It’s that last part that makes it all worth it as I get closer and closer to school.

Now I don’t want it to sound like my ego gets pumped up on how many hits I get daily, because that’s really not important–what I do feel is that all of the repeat visitors out there validate that I’m not the only pre-MBA soul with a sense of insecurity and excitement . I assume many of you all who are reading this do so because we not only share the common thread of pushing ourselves to be the best but also because we struggle in doing it. This blog isn’t about reaching the top of the hill and crowning yourself king or queen. It’s about the journey life takes us on and appreciating the little lessons that make up one’s character.

This year has without a shadow of a doubt taught me more about myself than any other in my life. It’s been the culmination of tenacity, self-doubt, confidence, excitement, inferiority complexes and pure will. All of these prerequisite emotions were all a part of my personality beforehand but none of them came together so symbiotically and so perfectly imperfect as they have in the blog you are reading right now. If at all you’ve felt any of these emotions, empathized with some of my words, laughed out loud at me or even just read to kill time in your day I’d appreciate your vote for the ‘Best of Blogging 2012’.

Thank you all. You are my inspiration.

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