Are We There Yet?

LadyRoadWarrior is a fellow gmatclubber deciding between a handful of Top Tier MBA Programs. Below is her first guest blog sharing her experience on the Road to the MBA Class of 2014.

The Senator graciously allowed me to guest-blog here, to provide my own perspective on the road to the MBA Class of 2014.  As a little introduction, I’m a midwest-raised, gmatclub chatting, wine-drinking, miles-gathering, high heel wearing management consultant trying to decide where to go to school and what I want to be when I grow up.

I got serious about business school almost exactly a year ago, when I started studying for the GMAT in earnest.  Between number properties and dangling modifiers, I let myself be distracted daydreaming about what it would be like to leave consulting’s weekly flights and endless conference calls after five years for class, study groups, and resume drops.  It didn’t take me long to realize that too much focus on the end goal was distracting me from the task at hand.  (As a remedial quant-tester, I had a lot of arithmetic to catch up on…)

So, I instituted a new policy: break down the application process into chunks and focus:
GMAT. research. essay. interview. wait.
In that order.
No thinking about interviews until you finish proofreading the essay.
Do not pass go, do not collect $200, proceed directly to the next phase.
Absolutely no worrying about admissions until you complete all the interviews.

For awhile it worked.
I remained fairly calm and reasonably sane (apologies to all of my GMATClub friends on Tuck decision day, when I was a certifiable basket case).

But now, everything has changed.  I’ve been blessed enough to have received that magical admit call from four schools, one of which has offered to name me a Forte Fellow and grant me a generous scholarship.  Instead of feeling joyous, I feel overwhelmed trying to make such a big decision.

I didn’t plan this step.  I should have added decide! as the big final phase – and planned to dedicate a lot of time and energy here.  Instead it’s caught me off guard.  After courting these schools for months, they’re wooing me and everything feels reversed.  Lately I’ve been getting hung up on all the things that happen after you’re admitted: freaking out about the enormous “recommended” student budget, deciding how and what to move cross country, negotiating a last-day-of-work with my boss, trying to spend time with family and friends before being consumed with class and recruiting.

It’s easy to miss the big picture: I’m really going to business school – it feels kinda scary, but it’s also going to be fantastic.

Spending Easter with my family, my business school decision was a major topic of conversation.  After much agonizing of scholarship vs. full tuition and midwest vs. northeast and every possible permutation imaginable my mom stopped me.
“Remember, you don’t always have to have a problem.  Deciding which school isn’t a burden! Moving will be simple!  Just enjoy this for awhile”

So I’m trying to take her advice.  I’ll be hanging out in the decision phase/pre-mba land for a while, chalking this up as another part of the business school adventure and remembering to try to appreciate the ride.  (Well – at least most of it.  Lord knows I did not, do not, will not ever appreciate number properties.  Not even a little bit.)

New plan:
stop. breathe. enjoy. repeat.


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