Love, Loyalty and Tuck

When I announced my intent to join the Tuck Class of 2014 a month ago, I felt like a bubbly school girl. Since that time, I’ve been going back and forth a bit considering other options just to make sure I’m making the right choice. I absolutely love Tuck and everything about it – so the second guessing myself may just be my schizophrenic side emerging. My collection of Tuck & Dartmouth gear is expanding and unfortunately my discretionary funds have an inverse relationship with the accumulation. Even my fiance makes comments that I’ve abandoned my undergraduate institution in favor of the big ‘D’ & ‘T’. But this post isn’t about my clothes. It’s about the Tuck spirit.

Ever since I’ve made it known Dartmouth was my intended destination I’ve usually heard one of two responses from the general public:

  1. Oh, I didn’t even know they had a business school… Is it any good?
  2. Tuck is a great school and Dartmouth is beautiful… Have you been there?

The first response rarely bothers me, because Tuck is a very small school. In the b-school circle it’s well-known and highly respected. And as long as the people who are hiring know about the Tuck School of Business, I couldn’t care less if it is relatively anonymous. In fact the anonymity is an appealing attribute to me. The second response makes my heart warm up and my inner Peter Pan come to life. I have visited Dartmouth, and it’s nothing short of ‘Never Neverland’ – I could go into an hour-long conversation about how majestic the landscape is and how amazing the people are.

What’s even BETTER is when the second response comes from a Tuckie. Since February, (and I assume it’s because I’ve been telling folks Dartmouth is my likely destination) Tuckies have been coming out of the wood works contacting me, offering advice and encouragement and even aiding me for future job connections. Last night at midnight, I got a Facebook message and an add from a T’10 welcoming me, giving me her number and rolling out the Red Carpet. This has not been uncommon. Tomorrow, I have lunch with probably one of the most famous Tuck alums. What’s more is that HE contacted me asking if I wanted to go to lunch. I mean, this guy is the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company and he’s making time for a person he hasn’t even talked to? That’s the Tuck spirit my friends.

Maybe this isn’t out of the ordinary for some other schools, but where I live, finding a Tuckie is like discovering a needle in a haystack. I’m honored and flattered that even though I haven’t even sent in my enrollment deposit, the love I’ve gotten from the Tuck community has been unrelenting and unconditional. Even though I referenced the loyalty of Tuckies in my interview I never imagined that I would have alums 20+ years my senior reaching out to me and offering to help facilitate my dreams. Indeed, Tuck love, loyalty and generosity is alive and well.

I’m getting closer and closer to a final final decision – and with every Tuckie I meet the final choice looks greener and greener.

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