When Amazing Happens

As I noted in my blog this past week I visited Boston with my girlfriend. We went to check out BU, her school of choice to pursue her Masters in Public Health. We were both hoping that last week when we were there she would hear some good news, but to no avail. Her application was still caught up in admissions and we started to worry. She was more demonstrative about her disappointment and I tried to shrug it off like it didn’t bother me; deep down though I was a nervous Nellie.

Last night, on her way home from work she called me crying, and immediately my heart sank… :deep breath:… Thankfully she wasn’t calling to tell me she had been rejected from BU, rather she was so upset about the Susan Komen Foundation pulling funding from Planned Parenthood to help poor women cover the cost of mammograms. She came over and cried some more, but I thought to myself I’m so lucky to have such an amazing woman who cares so deeply about something that seemingly doesn’t affect her personally, yet is so emotionally connected to the women who will suffer as a result. We need more people like her who are willing to dig in the trenches and impact the delivery of healthcare to those who need it most.

This morning I woke up feeling good – feeling like the next two weeks are going to be some of the best weeks of my life. And this morning around 10AM God did not disappoint. My girlfriend forwarded an e-mail to me from the Boston University School of Public Health offering her admission and a merit scholarship! I was filled with pride and adulation. I ran outside to call her and shed a tear (ok, I shed several) when I heard her voice. She was subdued at her desk, but I could sense the pent-up excitement in her tone. I still don’t think it’s hit her yet…

I’m so proud of her accomplishment(s), especially considering the tepid support she initially got from her family and the fact that she’s walking away from a high paying job to pursue what she loves, knowing she will make less money and work longer hours doing it. As I’m still digesting her success, next week is D-Day for Tuck followed closely by Yale. And with her acceptance to BU, I’m now strongly leaning towards attending school somewhere in the Northeast. Let’s hope we can keep the streak alive and I hear some good news next week.

2 Responses to “When Amazing Happens”
  1. Kunle says:

    hi, i just stumbled on your blog. I’m waiting to hear from Tuck as well, and i hope we both get in cos you seem to be a great guy and i’d love to be your friend

  2. Calen says:

    You’re dating that big yellow smiley? Not bad bro.

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