Ever Dream about your Dream School(s)?

Ok, of course you do! Lately, for me it seems like it’s been happening all too often. As my head descends slowly into my feather stuffed pillow and my eyelids flutter, I slip into an alternate reality. I imagine what life will be like in a year with new friends, in a new place, learning new things. Last night, I dreamt about being a T’14. (Usually I rotate between 3 schools on my dream school circuit; last night just happened to be Tuck).

There was a fresh spring breeze whisking through the hilltops of New Hampshire and Vermont, and a mixture of green and blue hues dotting the landscape. I remember smiling classmates, being outside and at some point even enjoying a round of golf at Dartmouth’s golf course (pictured above). When I woke up I remember being disappointed. Disappointed that my euphoria had been disrupted and that my dream had been reduced to fallacy 😦 .

Recently I’ve been an anxious soul. A peter pan of emotions fluttering in the highs of never Neverland and battling in lows Captain Hook’s ship. On one hand I’m pleased that I’ve gotten into two of my favorite schools, but on another, my heart isn’t full of the enthusiasm I thought I would experience when I knew I had a shot at going to Kellogg, in particular. Don’t call me ungrateful, because I’m not. Kellogg has given me a tremendous opportunity that in the end may very well dictate the color of my dreams turning royal purple permanently.

If there’s anything the past few months have taught me about this whole application process is that just when you think you’re done, you’re not even close. Just when you think, “This is the last application I’ll ever fill out”, you realize FAFSA is starring your square in the eyes. Just when you think, “This is my last MBA interview”, that school you thought that had written you off, invites you to interview. And just when you think, “I’m going to School A”, school B throws a wrench into the plan, accepts you last-minute and offers you $50K. These are the sort of things we think and dream about… soon they will be our reality.

So tonight, instead of facing that reality… tonight I dream in green. The shade of green which can only be found in small town, called Hanover.


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