As everyone knows by now, gmatclub is a home away from home for me. It’s been a tremendous support system, a breadth of information and of course, an opportunity to  interact with new virtual friends who connect on a much deeper empathetic level than just through the keyboard.

Tonight, as I watched the Republican debate, witnessing candidates tear down each other and President Obama like a machete in a rainforest, I literally started purposely distracting myself by reading through posts on gmatclub forums that offered words of support and advice. I took a step back and thought, “I’m sitting here witnessing my country disintegrate on national TV and citizens from the US and around the world are watching.” In the meantime there’s you and me. Members on gmatclub, and folks out there that are just trying to get their MBA… looking for a path forward, the light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a future that will be more positive than the reality we live in today.

During the day, I check gmatclub several times (don’t worry, I’m sure my boss already knows). And like some of you, I’m slightly obsessed. But as cheetarah1980 pointed out to me at the Kellogg Happy Hour a week ago, I feel very much like the ‘elder statesman’. Not from the standpoint that I need to babysit folk, but more so from the position that I feel (maybe naively so) that I can help you all attain the same dream that I’m chasing myself. To me, when someone pops up with a question about app strategy, interviews, scholarships, etc. something inside gets my inner peter pan flying with youthful excitement not only about the road ahead for them, but also what’s in store for me in the weeks, months and years ahead.

The things I appreciate about gmatclub the most are: making it ok to freak out about applying to school, making it ok to lament when you don’t get in, making it ok to over celebrate when you get your login credentials, making it ok to do backflips when you get an invitation to interview… and making it ok to do it publicly.

So today I reach out to my gmatclub family to say: you all give me hope and enthusiasm that there are people with starry-eyed excitement amidst the emotion and uncertainty about the future. But regardless of their fate, they soldier on, not quitting on their dreams and not tearing each other down to attain them.

-The Senator

2 Responses to “ Love”
  1. I made the blog!!! Woohoo!! I feel very special now.

    You are one of the most helpful members of the GMAT Club community. People really do look to you for advice and camaraderie. Just shows you’re a natural leader. I’m really hoping we wind up at the same school. You’re the type of classmate I look forward to hanging out with.

    • Thanks, that makes me feel special. We need to get cracking on ideas for our co-authored post! And regardless of where we end up, cause I’m sure you’ll get into Stanford and blow us all away we have a connection for life – change the world one MBA at a time.

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