Girlfriend Accepted to Emory’s MPH Program & Going Public Part 2

Last night, right after I launched my blog publicly for the first time, my girlfriend got accepted into her first graduate Masters of Public Health program at Emory! I’m so proud of her, she (probably like many of you) didn’t really have the full on support of her family and is very excited about the prospects of Emory. Too bad I withdrew my application a month ago :-/ so there is no chance we’d end up there together. She has other options though on the east coast that I would not be surprised if she got into those programs.

Feelings about launching the blog, less than 24 hours later…

Since last night around 9pm, I finally decided to practice what I preach on gmatclub and go public. In just 15 hours the blog has gotten 200 page hits and it isn’t even searchable on Google yet! So what does this tell me? Well a few things:

  • There could be a lot of bored folks out there just looking for something interesting to read.
  • More people are going through the same basket case of emotions as I am and they are looking for an outlet to validate they are not the only ones going through it.
  • I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this. Not only am I happy people are reading, but it’s mental therapy for me to get to write down my collective thoughts without a real filter.

Finally, I’m hopeful that my random thoughts and emotions will inspire and hopefully brighten someone’s day out there. armymba2012, a frequent gmatclub contributor on the Consortium 2012 Roll Call forum had a nice post today that left a smile on my face: ‘your blog is pretty awesome. it looks even cooler on an iPad (vs. the computer) ‘

So I guess there you have it, keep following and apparently it’s even better when you read it on the iPad


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