Initial Public Offering

Many of you are seeing this blog for the first time because for months, I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing my internal musings and emotions to the public. Call it fear of rejection from the greater public. Call it not being confident in my potential audience appreciating my journey. Call it what you want, but tonight I come out of the shadows and share my take on the ‘Road to an MBA’ with the world.

This isn’t some earth shattering blog that talks about growing up in the slums of Calcutta and rising to dominance in the corporate world. No, it’s the story of normal guy just like you who is trying to find his way into the school of his dreams. Over the past few days, I’ve gone back added some detail, pictures and few links and tags so people will be able to follow my thought process a bit more clearly. I invite you to look back at my posts and catch up on whats been going on over the past few months of my life, making comments, sharing with your friends and making it a point to support others along their journey.

I started blogging as personal therapy, telling my story as if I had an audience knowing it was just me (and a handful of others) reading along. I hope you enjoy!



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