Berkeley Super Saturday and Kellogg Happy Hour

Well, I feel lucky to have gone six for six on my Consortium schools for either interviews or interview invites! Berkeley invited me this past Friday to join them for Super Saturday to learn more about the school, meet with students and conduct an interview. Problem is I have a conflict on that day for a social venture that I serve on the Board of and I may have to reschedule. I certainly don’t want to pass up the opportunity to interview at Berkeley since it’s right in the hotbed of high-flying startup land.

This past week a few future Kellogg colleagues and I met up for a drink at a local pub in town. I can’t believe how awesome my potential future classmates are. Yes, most of them are from corporate America but their interests are so diverse and varied and the are a hell of a lot of fun too. We spent 2 – 3 hours chatting it up, making plans for Kellogg DAK for accepted students in February and really making strong connections off the bat. The meetup really helped ease some of the anxiety that’s been built up from the week.

Another note about Kellogg…

I’m sure this is normal but Kellogg is putting the full court press on at this point. I already have a ‘K buddy’ that answers a lot of my questions. I’ve been getting welcome e-mails twice a week, invites to alumni hangouts and mailings from the school. It makes me feel really wanted. Thanks Kellogg!


One Response to “Berkeley Super Saturday and Kellogg Happy Hour”
  1. Yay you really liked us! Kellogg admits happy hour was a blast. I’m just sorry I won’t be around to enjoy the regular meetups since I’m on the East Coast. But we will surely catch up at DAK

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