Mental Exhaustion

This week has been a horrible week for rest. I’ve been getting anxiety over a multitude of things. Obviously acceptances into schools, in particular one school that’s at the Top of my list. Figuring out how to pay for my MBA, and invite to Yale for interview (which was great) but now realizing I have to fly out to the east coast again (and stay overnight) is a financial noose. And then there’s the issue of maintaining a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend.

She’s applying to schools in Boston and Connecticut at this point and the closest prospects I’ve applied to are Wharton and Tuck. I have mixed feelings on Wharton if I do get taken off the waitlist, and as stated before I love Tuck and would relish the opportunity to go to school there. But what happens if I don’t get in and therefore don’t have the option? Also swirling in my head is my long-term future. I want to go to the best school and the best fit possible for me but I really don’t want to hamper my ability to start a family after school is over because I have to make huge student loan payments.

My parents are older (Dad is in his 70s and Mom in her middle 60s). For starters I don’t want to be their age just now watching their kids take off into their careers and I also want them to be able to enjoy their grandchildren sometime in the future. All of these variables are weighing on me coupled with the fact I’m the big brother for the Consortium forum on gmatclub it’s all coming to a head.

Later this week we have a Kellogg Happy Hour meetup, so I’m hoping that will cool me out a bit.



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