Second acceptance! Gotta say I was super-duper jazzed about this one. Cornell, as mentioned previously, is high on my list of schools I’d like to go to. They have a ton of great opportunities and student base that’s enthusiastic. I refrained from posting my acceptance on just so I could give others the opportunity to shine.

Some cool things about the Cornell opportunity:

  • Small school with a great network
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital department that’s top-notch
  • Invited to Park Fellowship Weekend in Ithaca (!!!)
  • One of the better schools in the Consortium (IMHO)

So far I’ve been interviewed at 3 of my 6 Consortium schools and invited to interview at another. I’m still waiting on Yale and Berkeley (although I think the ship may have sailed on Berkeley since Super Saturday is just a month away). On Monday I will withdraw my application from Emory. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a tremendous school but I just couldn’t see myself choosing Emory over Cornell or Kellogg even if they offered me the Consortium Fellowship. Additionally, I don’t want to be down south, if my girlfriend ends up studying on the east coast for her Masters.

Congrats to everyone on gmatclub who got accepted to Johnson!


One Response to “IN @ CORNELL JOHNSON!”
  1. Very cool of you to let the others in the CGSM thread get their shine. You deserve yours too. Johnson is so awesome and Cornell is the bestest school with the bestest alums EVER (in my totally unbiased yet totally biased opinion). Great option to have.

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