Emotional Day

Today was a long, trudge of a day. I had an early morning flight to Ithaca for my interview at Cornell and it would also be the day I would hear back from Wharton and Darden. I woke up around 430am to catch my 630am flight to Ithaca, NY… I would be connecting in my least favorite airport, Philadelphia International. Somehow I always end up there connecting for regional routes to other interviews. Anyways, I got to Ithaca in the early afternoon and had about two hours to look around and prep for my interview.

No one was at the campus because it was break so activity was pretty limited. However Sage Hall itself is beautiful. At around 2:00pm (an hour before my interview) I got an e-mail from Wharton saying my status had been updated. My heart sank when I clicked on the link, I was put on the waitlist. Not a rejection I know but still I was disappointed. I was determined not to let it phase me for my interview so I took a few deep breaths and meditated for a few moments. An hour later I was escorted to my interviewer’s office.

The interview was great. Conversational and stimulating would be the two adjectives I would use to describe it. Overall I left Ithaca that evening feeling really good about Cornell but at the same time really sad about Wharton. It was a mixture of emotions that is still hard to describe tonight.


Not too long ago I got a status update from Darden, another Waitlist. Instead of being sad about Darden I was stunned by the results. I still don’t know what to say other than now it really makes me question how much these Consortium rankings play into admissions decisions.


A few days ago I was invited to interview at Emory, which is admittedly my last choice and am seriously considering withdrawing my application since I got into Kellogg.


So now I go to sleep with a roller coaster of emotions playing out in my head.



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