Absolutely shocked, excited, elated. Jumping up and down for joy! Honestly I cannot believe I actually got in to Kellogg!!! Northwestern is a great school, consistently ranked in the Top Five and is a dream come true. Admittedly I had written off Kellogg, thinking that my lackluster interview would come back to haunt me, but I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

The call came in the late morning today after a meeting with co-workers about a website we are designing for the department. All of a sudden I see my phone ring with an 847 area code and excused myself from the meeting. When I picked up I gave my standard greeting and the person on the other end said, “The is the Kellogg School of Management, I’m calling to congratulate you on your acceptance.” At first I asked her, “Is this for real?” She said, “It definitely is, I read your application myself.” I told her I had to sit down and was mute for three minutes…

I feel AMAZING right now, my first acceptance. Now I’ll be waiting on Stanford for my first rejection.

Not gonna let it get me down though, I’m poppin bottles tonight!!!!



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