How I would have done things differently

Looking back on my MBA journey there are a handful of things I can say without a doubt I would have done differently, below is a shortened list of the Top 3 things:

  1. Due diligence on schools
  • I should have visited my top choices before I decided they were my top choices. Why? Because my top choices today definitely were not my top choices in August.
  • Have more conversations with alumni and ask the pointed question: What has school X done for your career? Why did you go there? Do you give back? <– This last question is important for multiple reasons
  1. Apply to less schools
  • Four to five schools that I really could see myself at would have been enough
  • Spread out the applications between rounds. Depending where I get accepted I will run into deposit issues, waiting on scholarships, etc.
  1. Budgeting
  • Usually budgeting and financial planning is a strong suit of mine. Mainly because I can project out expenditures well into the future. What I didn’t anticipate was having to book last-minute fairs at double the price they should have been. Nor did I anticipate being invited to interview AT these schools. I thought there would be an option for telephone, skype or alumni interviews in my city.
  • I wish I would have saved more money specifically for applications about a year out. I started saving in earnest around Feb. 2011 but I wish I would have started in Nov. 2010 when I made up in my mind I would be applying to school.



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