Time for a Rant

Quick gmatclub.com Update:

Things on gmatclub.com are progressing well, we launched our interactive forum and people are starting to participate more. Something I really love, and I think is a huge strength of mine is going through the product development process. Creating from scratch and refining until you produce a take-to-market product gets my juices flowing… I know the gmatclub.com thing isn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of thing but I enjoy focusing on enhancing the user experience with any product or service.


Something that was disturbing to me that I heard during the Tuck Diversity Conference and heard pretty recently as well was about the MBA consulting industry. Ok, so many of you out there use MBA consultants and I get it, there’s a market for it people will utilize the service. I am not making a lot of money so I certainly can’t afford one. The thing that burns me up though is that I hear a lot of these consultants are in effect writing essays for clients, writing recommendations and having bosses say it’s from them, etc. Does this happen very often? Is this a one-off case? I really hope so, but from what I’m hearing it happens a lot more than usual.

In addition to the use of MBA consultants I find that it’s highly concentrated in schools on the east coast and those that are in the Top ten in rankings. How do the little guys like me compete with professional resume, essay and recommendation writers?



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