Big Weeks Ahead and Another Interview Invite


Things at work have been seesawing a bit as of late. I picked up a new project for my business! Woohoo, but likely won’t get paid on it til April (that’s the life of an entrepreneur). I certainly don’t remember it being this hard when I started my first company, but hey, maybe it was beginners luck.

On the other side of the seesaw is my day job. Things are going on at the department I work in. When I saw ‘going on’ I mean impending consolidation, breakup or realignment. My department was consolidated under another unit for ‘operational efficiency’ code name for ‘consolidation’. I don’t anticipate losing my job in the short-term but you never know what may happen. I’m on a yearly contract that doesn’t expire until June 2012 so if I was to be eliminated I assume they would just wait until then. My supervisor and I still haven’t talked in forever which is making things awkward more so for him than it is for me at work. As I said before I resigned myself to move on and focus on the outside projects I love.

Cornell Johnson Interview Invite:

Johnson was one of my highly ranked schools on my Consortium application. I was extra excited to learn they wanted me to come in for an interview so I’ve decided to bite the bullet once again and spend money to fly to Ithaca. At this point my tab for MBA has hit the $4,000.00 mark with all expenses included. If I had to do it all over again I would have applied to less schools. Cornell has a great Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital major – which, from an academic standpoint excites me. In addition to that, the students and alums are pretty darn awesome and like Tuckies are responsive and open. They also feature the Park Leadership program which is a select program for students who exude the potential to be great leaders in business and community. Seeing as that’s the focus of my business and my current job it’s a really great fit.

The Weeks Ahead:

In the next few weeks I should be hearing back from:

  • Stanford
  • Wharton
  • Darden
  • Kellogg

No interview from Stanford yet so we can tack that onto the ding list at this point, and as I said before my interview with Kellogg was mixed so my expectations are pretty low for them as well. I think I have a good chance of getting into Wharton and a better chance at Darden. Since I wrapped my interview at Darden they’ve been reaching out with positive vibes so I’m feeling good about that one.



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