Life Update

Yes, it’s time to talk about me! In a day I’ll be heading off to Darden for my first Consortium School interview so I’ll talk about that later this week.

Thanksgiving was spent with my girlfriend’s family. My mother was really disappointed I didn’t fly back home but I honestly couldn’t afford it. Flights to Detroit are about $450.00 and I wasn’t about to spend that type of coin with Christmas fast approaching. I had a great time with my gf and her people and it gave me a second to press the pause button on life. I spent all day Thanksgiving morning making some killer black folk mac’n’cheese. Yup, her family got a taste of some soul food straight out of Mississippi and they loved it.

Before I celebrated Thanksgiving with her fam. I got a special gift from a startup that I helped get off the ground this past fall. A brand new (refurbished) Miyata Seven 14 bike. It was the coolest early Christmas gift ever. Work is going well. My supervisor is still extremely distant though, he has made it clear he wants nothing to do with me until I leave my job. I’m fine with it. I did my job, I made my mark and I exceeded the level of expectations set out. My biggest gripe is the fact that I’ve basically been sequestered as a result of him alienating me and the rest of my coworkers perceiving his disdain for my existence.

Finally, my girlfriend is pretty close to wrapping up her applications for her Master’s program. I feel like this process has made us so much closer. She is really concerned with taking on additional debt but she’s willing to do it because she loves maternal child health. I just wish her parents were more supportive… someday I hope we can make enough so she can go off into the world and do what she wants to without carrying the burden of debt over her head.



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