Wharton Interview Debrief and Money Woes

Interview at Wharton:

In three words: It was great. I really felt me and the interviewer made a connection even though the interview format was less than ideal. He asked all the basic questions then started firing away behavioral questions and probed for details which I felt I answered well. The interview actually went over time and he told me at the end he felt I would be a great addition to the Wharton School. I also got a chance while I was there to tour the facilities and check out the campus. Wharton is a nice school, but a bit confusing. The elevators don’t go to all the floors undergrads and grads co mingle (which is fine) but it’s actually kind of dark in the school itself. Students were pretty helpful when they noticed I was lost and I found the location to be pretty ideal relative to the hotel I was staying at. Overall I could definitely see myself at Wharton and it’s a top-tier choice for me. I should hear back in December.

Other notes:

I got an e-mail from Consortium that my applications were received and within two days I was invited to an interview by UVA Darden. Woohoo! I totally wasn’t expecting this but hey can’t complain! Admittedly I haven’t done as much reaching out and research about Darden as I should have, but I do know it has a rep for having the hardest working MBAs in the workforce and the most rigorous MBA on the planet. Someone likened a degree from Darden to a Ford F-150, thing can take a beating and last forever.

Money Woes:

My MBA budget was $2500.00, so far I’ve spent about $3300.00. How do all the costs add up? Well mainly flights. My hometown is one of the worst cities to fly out of in the US. It’s a major hub for a major airline and base fares are around $300. Tack on the fact that most of the schools I am applying to are on the coasts and when they say ‘we want an interview now’ you pay dearly for a flight. Case and point, my flight to UVA was $535.00. Philly, $478.00 (oh and then there was a flight cancellation and ended up having to stay an extra day spending money for a hotel room). You get the point…. this S is expensive, and for an entrepreneur who is trying to rebuild the client base its eating away at my savings.

Hope this MBA is worth it!


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