Applications Complete and Interview to Wharton!

Two great things happened this past week.

  1. I finished all of my applications
  2. Wharton invited me to Interview in Philly

When I finally hit the submit button to Consortium I was so relieved. It was like a flood of emotions rushed through me when I realized. I really just did this, I’m really going back to school next year. WOW. I also decided I would celebrate myself into a hangover. Totally worth it! Now I have to wait to hear back from schools about my application status. From what I understand Consortium schools are kind of funny in how they inform candidates of decisions some candidates are lumped in with others and are considered part of their ‘Round 1’ pool. Other schools will hold your application until January and not inform you until March! So the wait will be long for a few schools, and shorter for others.

On another note, I was so delighted to get an interview invite from Wharton and after looking at posts from an MBA hopeful forum, I guess it’s a pretty big deal! I have to say reviews of Wharton have been mixed. A lot of folks has said it’s a great school, huge global network and humble people. While I’ve found this to be the case many have said it’s not very collaborative and at the end of the day it’s a ‘put your head down and go to work’ culture. When I visit I’ll try to judge for myself.

Super excited for my trip to Hanover next week, Tuck Diversity Conference will provide a needed break from work and my supervisor.


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